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"This book is amazing! It's got all the elements: suspense, violence, sex, drugs... the pace is riveting and the action is very easy to follow."

"Your strength in dialogue writing would be well served to adapt this book into a screenplay!"

Valerie Valentine - Editor

"I am a voracious reader. The Black Rose is a really great read. Thank you!"

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He had me from the first page--full of intrigue and suspense--this author knows how to keep his audience wanting more! Anyone who likes a good page-turner with surprising twists will love this!

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A Novel By: Robert Vincent Johnson

With The Black Rose, I set out to tell the true story of a social outcast, a young man whose challenges become increasingly complex as he allows himself to fall from innocence into a world of crime. I wanted the novel to breathe, as in the style of old story-telling, allowing the suspense to build to a crescendo in the final chapters. Although drugs and money laundering are the backline, the heart of story is self-awareness, fate, love and redemption.  


A young Boyd Lawson embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds himself in a world of crime and deception from which there is little hope of escape. He turns to his friend and neighbor, Celia Rodriguez, for help. A rookie LAPD officer, Celia knows nothing of his criminal past. Refusing her plea to meet with local authorities, Boyd relies on the services of an unscrupulous ex-detective and becomes an unwitting player in a sting operation that leaves him a dead-man-on-the-run.

Boyd's path to freedom and redemption begins with the unwavering devotion of his friend, Officer Rodriguez. But it is the woman with the black rose tattoo that plays the final hand as the intentions and true identity of his assailants are revealed.

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